August 11, 2011

Back To School!

I've been getting requests to do a Middle School Makeup look and I thought I would have some good insight into one.  I think a lot of other people's middle school looks are still too much makeup.  I really think this is a nice natural look that any middle schooler would feel comfortable wearing.

It's just a tinted moisturizer, sheer powder, tarte bronzer, clinique cream shadow base in lucky penny, estee lauder eyeshadow in hot cinnamon, smokey brown eyeliner from clinique, coralista blush by benefit, and urban decay's midnight cowboy lipgloss.

Then I did a back to school hair look! I love this because it's easy to do, looks carefree and effortless but still really pretty and summery.

Just a couple of braids on each side of the head (because who can concentrate on school with hair in their face?!) and then some loose waves scattered throughout the hair.

August 10, 2011

Ulta Haul and Dying My Hair!

Okay so I went to Ulta today! I didn't get too much but I do like what I got. Here is a picture (and I'll explain that picture above soon!):

Hair color in Golden Honey

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Chestnut

OPI Purple with a Purpose
NYX Lipliner in Flower

So the nail polish I absolutely love! I got that color on my toes one time for a pedicure but I've been wanting it for awhile! Such a good transition to fall color.  The NYX lipliners are really good too.  I didn't know what Flower would look like, but I was so happy it's a pale pink just like the packaging shows.  It's perfect for me!! The Chestnut color in the jumbo one is also really pretty- it's a nice neutral color and you can wear it all over your lips too.  So the hair dye I was so skeptical about buying! I never highlight my hair at home because of bad past experiences- but I do have some light pieces (even though they look so dull) So I decided it really needed to be brightened! Here are some more "during" pics:

And I thought the after came out really nicely! Especially for store bought dye AND I didn't put it on in any strategic way! I am very happy with it.  Here are some pictures:

This one is very true to the color

August 9, 2011

Tia and Tamera Are Back! Let's bring back all of the 90's!

I decided that the 90's hairstyle where there's a very high, very slim half pony at the top of your head should come back! But that's probably because while watching Boy Meets World and Full House today, both Topanga and Becky were sporting this hairdo!  It actually looked quite cool.  But I have this feeling it might take a few more years to come back. 
I also like it because then I can try to resemble Topanga more, since a lot of people tell me I look like her! And I like that comparison, as long as they're referring to seasons 2-5.
But another 90's note, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tia and Tamera's (from the show Sister, Sister) new show last night! I kind of felt like I was the only one who watched it though.  But then I saw there was an article that it was the Style Networks most viewed new show.  So that made me wonder, is the Style network that bad, or are people just lying about watching the show?!

It was weird watching them- I thought Tamera seemed more like how she was on their old show, but Tia seemed very mature and kind of b*tchy? That might also be because she's pregnant in the show and that can really mess you up! I'm sure when I'm pregnant I won't be the happiest, peppiest person either.  Tamera did look good with her curly hair- maybe I should leave mine curly? Tia didn't look as good and her hair was straight! But maybe because her face got fatter with the pregnancy. They are identical twins I'm pretty sure.  Anyways, now that Tia and Tamera are back, I think it's time to bring the 90's hairstyle back!!! What do you think?

August 6, 2011

More Photography Classes!

I'm very excited because I'm going to be taking more photography classes this year! I took a couple last year, but I really wasn't into it.  I think it was because I was very confused about EVERYTHING that had to do with the camera! Now that I've been practicing on my own, and doing videography with the DSLR camera, I am understanding it a lot more.  I've never been good at doing anything that I wasn't good at.   I am a perfectionist in some ways.  But I guess, how can I be good at anything if I don't try?  Here's one of the last pictures I did for class, I had to clone!


August 5, 2011

Getting Organized

 I am the most organized and unorganized person that I know.  The good side to it is that I always know where everything is, I appear organized to other people who don't know me well, and I get everything done in a punctual manner.  The bad side to it is that I have papers all over my apartment, piles of things in different corners of my room, and nothing in any order that makes sense to other people.  But I am starting a small business right now where I am doing videography, and I had to get organized in a conventional way!  I started losing track of clients, dates and other little notes.  So I went to office max and got some great things to stay organized!  At first I found an ugly plastic file box with green files for it- but then I found an adorable box with colored files!! I also found a calender that matched it.  Then of course I couldn't pass up on some sticky notes.  Let me know what you think of my new method of organization.
Desk Calender to write down meetings and important dates
 I found this cute file box and put it together myself!

 Okay it was extremely easy to do- you can see there I buttoned the sides together

                                                 Found some cute multi-colored file folders to use
                                           Cute sticky notes and sticky receipts to give to clients!
                                                                  My cat enjoys boxes
                                                                      He's obsessed!!

Welcome to My World!

I am SO excited to finally be starting up a blog. I have always loved writing and sharing stories, ideas and thoughts with people; and now I can! I want this blog to be a fun escape for you- where you can get away from your daily life and take a peak into mine. I am really into fashion, makeup, videography, photography, creativity, and just the small everyday things that inspire people. I hope you enjoy my blog!