August 9, 2011

Tia and Tamera Are Back! Let's bring back all of the 90's!

I decided that the 90's hairstyle where there's a very high, very slim half pony at the top of your head should come back! But that's probably because while watching Boy Meets World and Full House today, both Topanga and Becky were sporting this hairdo!  It actually looked quite cool.  But I have this feeling it might take a few more years to come back. 
I also like it because then I can try to resemble Topanga more, since a lot of people tell me I look like her! And I like that comparison, as long as they're referring to seasons 2-5.
But another 90's note, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tia and Tamera's (from the show Sister, Sister) new show last night! I kind of felt like I was the only one who watched it though.  But then I saw there was an article that it was the Style Networks most viewed new show.  So that made me wonder, is the Style network that bad, or are people just lying about watching the show?!

It was weird watching them- I thought Tamera seemed more like how she was on their old show, but Tia seemed very mature and kind of b*tchy? That might also be because she's pregnant in the show and that can really mess you up! I'm sure when I'm pregnant I won't be the happiest, peppiest person either.  Tamera did look good with her curly hair- maybe I should leave mine curly? Tia didn't look as good and her hair was straight! But maybe because her face got fatter with the pregnancy. They are identical twins I'm pretty sure.  Anyways, now that Tia and Tamera are back, I think it's time to bring the 90's hairstyle back!!! What do you think?

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