August 11, 2011

Back To School!

I've been getting requests to do a Middle School Makeup look and I thought I would have some good insight into one.  I think a lot of other people's middle school looks are still too much makeup.  I really think this is a nice natural look that any middle schooler would feel comfortable wearing.

It's just a tinted moisturizer, sheer powder, tarte bronzer, clinique cream shadow base in lucky penny, estee lauder eyeshadow in hot cinnamon, smokey brown eyeliner from clinique, coralista blush by benefit, and urban decay's midnight cowboy lipgloss.

Then I did a back to school hair look! I love this because it's easy to do, looks carefree and effortless but still really pretty and summery.

Just a couple of braids on each side of the head (because who can concentrate on school with hair in their face?!) and then some loose waves scattered throughout the hair.

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  1. you are so pretty. you could be a model.