August 5, 2011

Getting Organized

 I am the most organized and unorganized person that I know.  The good side to it is that I always know where everything is, I appear organized to other people who don't know me well, and I get everything done in a punctual manner.  The bad side to it is that I have papers all over my apartment, piles of things in different corners of my room, and nothing in any order that makes sense to other people.  But I am starting a small business right now where I am doing videography, and I had to get organized in a conventional way!  I started losing track of clients, dates and other little notes.  So I went to office max and got some great things to stay organized!  At first I found an ugly plastic file box with green files for it- but then I found an adorable box with colored files!! I also found a calender that matched it.  Then of course I couldn't pass up on some sticky notes.  Let me know what you think of my new method of organization.
Desk Calender to write down meetings and important dates
 I found this cute file box and put it together myself!

 Okay it was extremely easy to do- you can see there I buttoned the sides together

                                                 Found some cute multi-colored file folders to use
                                           Cute sticky notes and sticky receipts to give to clients!
                                                                  My cat enjoys boxes
                                                                      He's obsessed!!


  1. Could you tell us more about your small videography business?:)
    I've got similar boxes like you (similar pattern, so cute), I storage my cosmetics inside. And my cat also loves boxes!

  2. I like you too, kind of organized but still kind of not so's weird lol!
    Like I love color coding things, and organazing things in different drawers,and I love making lists to keep myself organized. so people usally think I'm organized, but then I also leave piles of things all over my room! so I totally get what you mean. oh and that box is really cute!